The Professional School of Psychology (PSP) is pleased to offer a new version of its long-standing doctoral program in Organizational Psychology. PSP has already successfully offered a version of the doctoral organizational program that focuses on higher education and a second version that focuses on self-management and ongoing reflection regarding group dynamics in a learning cohort (the “Pacific Learning Community”). The new version (“The Leadership Collegium”) focuses on leadership and organizational transformation in the 21st Century and employs a very old mode of graduate instruction (the tutorial)—but in a new manner that enables learners from throughout the world to participate and interact on a continuing basis with one another and with two Senior Tutors (William Bergquist, Ph.D. and Linda Page, Ph.D.).

The new version developing on PSP’s doctoral program in organizational psychology is entitled The Leadership Collegium (LC) for two reasons. First, this version of the doctoral program is described as a “collegium” due to its distinctive, highly interactive format. The term “collegium” has a long history with several understandings. It refers to a group of amateur musicians who gather together to perform (usually in a university setting), as well as to the convening of religious leaders to formulate church policy. It is a term that also has been used to describe a meeting of thoughtful scholars and philosophers to address weighty matters matters of weight and significance. It is in this latter sense that the term is being used with regard to this innovative graduate program. It is in the gathering of mature, accomplished learners—sometimes in a tutorial format and at other times in a more traditional classroom format—that exceptional learning can take place with regard to the fundamental nature, dynamics and purpose of Leadership and Organizational Transformation in the 21st Century. Secondly, the term “leadership” is utilized because this innovative graduate program is intended to further prepare already mature and accomplished men and women from throughout the world for the leadership that is required of anyone seeking to operate effectively in meeting the challenges of complexity, unpredictability and turbulence in our new Century.

Programmatic Themes

There is an additional phrase which plays a critical role in defining the purpose and scope of this distinctive doctoral program. This term “Legacy Leadership®”represents a program of training and education (developed by Drs. Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith) which offers a powerful and comprehensive model of leadership and organizational transformation. The Sandstrom and Smith model resides at the heart of this doctoral program on leadership. Developed through the wisdom of the ages, Legacy Leadership® is structured and packaged for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Its truths and Best Practices are timeless, proven keys to sustained significance. They form the foundation for real-time legacy in today's business environment. Legacy Leadership® is a complete program—a philosophy, a process, and a model. Legacy Leadership® is not a leadership style, rather—it is a life system and a way of “being,” not just “doing.” PSP is honored to be able to offer this unique Doctoral Program in conjunction with Dr.s Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith, through CoachWorks®, the organization created by Drs. Sandstrom and Smith to oversee the Legacy Leadership® program and their vision.

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